Nov 17 – 23 2010  8 Bond St NYC


4 Sale debuts the culmination of the year long creative union between Aneta Bartos, Elle Muliarchyk, Yana Toyber, Martynka Wawrzyniak. The imagery delves into universal mores and ideals all the while producing beautiful, conceptually strong and visually stimulating works. 4 Sale captures the essence of the dynamic nature within this collaboration curated by Anne Huntington.

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The works appropriate, suggest and formalize the collaboration within the full photographic body. Each artist conceptualizes unique realities within her framed vignettes, thus illustrating how each artist proclaims her unique voice, idea and story. The process evolves through openness, risk-taking, exploration and the incorporation of artistic and cultural influences. The fundamental nature of the works materializes organize and potentially controversial issues; issues that the artists keenly acknowledge and own. This acute awareness underscores the complexity of the project that liberates, provokes and creates a sense of union between these four talented artists of Eastern European descent.

BARTOS: In the beginning, this project was about sex and spirit and how it plays such a role in creating cultures, religions and taboos. And my obsessions and dears about existence generated this perfect pool of emotions that resulted in an eerie quality of anxiety and sexuality. As he project progressed and I started feeling a deeper and more emotional female bond, I introduced new issues dealing with sexual freedom and female dominance, wanting to distance myself from the stereotypical icons of femininity.

MULIARCHYK: During this project I’ve felt like a teenage boy, a “student”, discovering women for the first time while also discovering my own femininity. Women are fascinating creatures from another world to me so I decided to use Aneta, Martynka and Yana as my muses  to reconstruct the bizarre sexual scenes I see in my dreams at night photographically. As another reality I reconstructed my favorite paintings that have always been instrumental for me – my personal icons. And the girls in them became my new heroines. I don’t just use them as models/bodies – each new reality I create for them illustrates and corresponds to each girl’s particular character.

TOYBER: When I originally thought of the idea I thought of it as another way to do a self portrait – where you are being exposed at the same time as you’re exposing another woman. IT’s almost like channeling thoughts and ideas between the subject and the photographer.

WAWRZYNIAK: For me this project is an interesting opportunity to explore the female nature through conducting a series of psychological experiments. I wanted to take the girls (and myself) out of our comfort zones and push us places that we have never gone before.

4 Sale presents a collection of works from the collaboration. The physicality, sexuality and sensuality inform and deliver a pure perspective free from taboos, victimization, male-dominance, exploitation, and full of identity, feminism and self-representation.